By W.S Gilbert & A. Sullivan


Our second G&S show was Trial By Jury, which we put on in a fairly traditional manner - apart from the fact that the jury consisted of a cricket team forced into service while sheltering from a thunderstorm, and the chorus of ladies insisting on having their picnic in the middle of the court proceedings. Edwin, the defendant, was a golfer so he was at a disadvantage immediately with the cricketing jury!

We revived this concept for a series of concerts in the Autumn of 2001, playing at the Borough Theatre (for the Chairman of Monmouth Country Council's Annual Charity Concert) and Dinas Powys Village Hall (for Dinas Powys Voluntary Concern), though it was largely a different cast.

We revived it again in June 2008 as the first half of our Sing-A-Long Gilbert & Sullivan evening. This time we had a new defendant, Mark Windsor, who was flown in as a guest star with a week or so to go and we were joined also by local G&S stalwarts Ian Phillips and Howard Turnbull. It was the first time for some of the cast though many had done it before. As it was Sing-A-Long, it was done in Concert "blacks" and was not as elaborate as past productions (books were allowed on stage!) but it was just as much fun.



We have done three Sing-A-Long Gilbert and Sullvan Evenings and each one has been sucessful. G&S holds a special place in many theatre-goers' hearts and we more than happy to feed the craving!