By W.S Gilbert & A. Sullivan


  First Production Second Production Third Production
The Learned Judge Kevin Morgan Kevin Morgan Kevin Morgan
The Defendant Chris Chedzey Chris Chedzey Mark Windsor
The Plaintiff Lorna Jones Caroline Thurlow Lorna Welch
Bridesmaids Clare Jones & Cath Jones Rhonwen Undery & Cath Blythe Jo Howson & Ellie Morgan
The Usher Bernard Gardner Neil Davies Howard Turnbull
Counsel for the Plaintiff Nigel Holloway Nigel Holloway Nigel Holloway
Foreman of the Jury Colin Jardine John Tomala & Roger Thomas Mike Gaccon
Jury Mike Gaccon, Fryn Middleton & Dave Wakeford Paul Buckle, Floyd Hughes, James Osborne & Adam Parsons Tim Brown, Paul Buckle, Ruairidh MacLeod-Lyon, Ian Phillips & Roger Thomas
Picnickers/ The Ladies Paula Jones, Janet Holloway, Lizzie Jardine, Suzanne Meriono, Cath Pepper & Leigh Tomala Angie Dymott, Cath Harris, Janet Holloway, Lizzie Jardine, Fiona Thomas, Leigh Tomala & Sara Viney Ellie Hoare, Liz Howson, Bev Pearce, Helen Rose, Lisa Sadie, Fiona Thomas, Leigh Tomala, Sarah-Jane Waters & Helen Windsor




Angelina is suing Edwin for breach of promise, claiming that he has broken his word to marry her. In his own defence, Edwin argues that is unfair to punish him for loving one girl one day and, bored with her, loving another the next. However, the sight of this beautiful girl overcome by emotion and greatly distressed quickly captures the hearts of the 'impartial' jury. In an attempt to resolve the matter, Edwin offers to marry both girls but his suggestion is rejected on the grounds of bigamy.

Faced with potentially substantial damages, Edwin then claims to be a drunkard and a bully, liable to beat Angelina when intoxicated, and worth very little in financial terms. This leads the Judge to suggest that they make him drunk and observe his behaviour towards Angelina! When all except Edwin object to this the Judge becomes very impatient with the whole affair and, in a final effort to bring the trial to a conclusion, he declares that he will marry Angelina himself. This suits everybody, and the case is closed.