By Jacques Offenbach

Original Libretto Hector Crémieux & Ludovic Halévy

Musical rearrangements by Paul Buckle & Jo Herco

Additional Libretto Paul Buckle, Janet Holloway & Nigel Holloway


Eurycide Ellie Hoare
Jupiter Nigel Holloway
Pluto / Aristeus Edward Gomez
Orpheus Wayne Hughes
Public Opinion Janet Holloway
Juno Catherine Carey
Mercury Tim Brown
Venus Carol Reeve
Diana Ciara Charnley
Cupid Olivia Gomez
Mars Bev Pearce
Styx Ruairidh MacLeod-Lyon
Bacchus Roger Thomas
Pupils Fiona Thomas, Lisa Sadie, Ceri Murphy, Jenny Evans, Rhiannon Rose
Chorus Leigh Tomala, Cheryl Payne, Helen Rose, Kevin Welch, John Tomala, Sean Gomez, Paul Buckle


Orpheus and Eurydice's marriage is on the rocks. He bores her with his incessant violin playing and she is having an affair with Aristeus, the local hunk. Orpheus plants a poisonous snake, but, unfortunately, it's Eurydice who gets bitten and dies. Since Aristeus turns out to be Pluto, King of the Underworld, she's quite happy to go off to Hell with him. Orpheus is delighted, but public Opinion insists that he plead to the God's for Eurydice's return.

Meanwhile the Gods are in turmoil. They're all fed up with ambrosia ad long for a holiday. At Orpheus's request, Jupiter agrees to accompany him to the Underworld to appeal for the return of Eurydice, and all the other Gods demand to go along for the ride.

Eurydice is kept under lock and key in Pluto's Den. When Jupiter arrives he decides he wants to experience her charms for himself, and so disguises himself as a fly to get a closer look. His plan is very successful and they decide to escape together during a grand bacchanalian feast that Pluto is throwing for his guests.

Just as the party is heating up, Orpheus arrives to reclaim Eurydice. However, Jupiter declares that he can only take her back to Earth if he promises not to turn around to look at her before they are safely out of Hades. Jupiter has one final trick up his sleeve!