Concept Players: Merrily We Roll Along 

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Book by George Furth

Franklin Shepard Shane Rose-Goodsir
Mary Flynn Hayley Toms
Charley Kringas     Kristian Zgorzelski
Gussie Carnegie   Ellie Hoare
Beth Shepard Claire Corbett
Joe Josephson Stephen Hopkins
Meg Kinkaid Fern O'Brien-Grant
K.T   Lisa Grace
Scotty Carys Hughes
Tyler James Osborne
Jerome/Minister      Paul Buckle
Bunker Cathryn Rose
Dory/Mrs Spencer Fiona Thomas
Terry/Mr Spencer Tony Bevan
Ru/Photographer/Pianist Chris Dimbleby
Lilli Danielle Taylor
Cindy Marisa Wall




Franklin Shepard is a big shot successful Hollywood producer married and having an affair. We meet him as he starts to reflect on his life and we ask the question, “How Did You Get To Be Here?” We then follow him back in time from 1976 to 1957 as we see the pivotal decisions he makes, his successes, the loves he loses, the loves unrequited and the loves found. We follow the friendship between Frank and his best friends Charley, his lyricist, and Mary, a novelist. We begin as the end, when their relationship has hit the buffers but then we go back to see how this path formed.