Concept Players Me And My Girl

Music by Noel Gay

Book and lyrics by L. Arthur Rose and Douglas Furbur

Book revised by Stephen Fry

Contributions to revisions by Mike Ockrent

Claire and Richard as Sally and Bill 2013 saw us finally getting around to a show we had been trying to get the rights to for many years, Me And My Girl. This show has it all: great music, laugh out loud lines and an upbeat feel which is relentless. Combined with a well earned reputation it also turned out to be one of our most successful shows. As one of our patrons said "What's there not to like?".
Paul was very keen to direct this show as he had played the lead elsewhere so knew it inside out. He last directed The Mikado and before that Anything Goes so it is safe to say he knows how to get the best out of a funny script. He changed the opening, no traditional car for us, as it wasn't possible with playing in two different theatres and he opted for a static set to ensure there was no time or momentum wasted in-between scenes. This added to the fast paced nature of the production. Add into this some fine talent and choreography (courtesy of Ciara and Ingrid) we had ourselves a hit.
Richard was our rough diamond, the new Earl of Hareford, accompanied by the pretty Claire as his love interest, the chirpy cockney, Sally. Both held the stage well, taking the audience along with them in this screwball comedy but injecting the necessary pathos when called for. Helen was the imperious Duchess who had her own Wagnerian moment in Men of Hareford, surrounded by the ghosts of the Hareford ancestors. Lucky no glassware is allowed in the theatres or a few glasses may have been shattered! The Ancestors!
She was ably assisted by her own love interest, John, played beautifully by Tim. The foxy Lady Jacqueline was performed with a heavy dose of theatrical blunder by Ellie, proving again her comic timing. Her drippy suitor, Gerald, was suitably played by James but he got his girl in the end with a few judicious spankings! Parchester, the family solicitor, was played by the director Paul, who managed to milk all possible laughs out of his scenes and the deadpan butler Charles was played by Kevin. Denise and Fiona completed the final line up of the family as the the dipsomaniacal elder aunt with her disapproving sister respectively. What a bunch!
Richard and Helen as Bill and The Duchess The chorus of maids and butlers were impeccably turned out with costumes made to measure and the cockneys were resplendent in their traditional buttons and feathers.
Technically this was a demanding show. The set was recycled from And Then There Were None, reupholstered, with a new fireplace (from The 39 Steps minus the headlights!).
Sound was complex as we had around 18 head mics and 14 battery packs, all choreographed by Laura who ensured we sounded our best every night. Lights by Ellie Morgan and musical direction by our brilliant MD, Dave Thomspon ensured the whole package was as professional as it possible could be.
Feedback on the run has been amazing and with great ticket sales (we even sold out one night in Penarth!) and a really fun rehearsal period it really was the happiest show in town.


We couldn't make the traditional ancestors coming alive work so Paul decided on the ancestors just appearing as monochrone versions of their portaits. But we did the make the portraits too - what an ugly bunch:

But Roger as the Norman could only be portrayed à la Bayeux: