Books & Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Music by Alan Menken

Based upon the film by Roger Corman

There are shows like Oklahoma and Oliver that everyone knows and loves, and there are shows too numerous to mention that have fallen by the wayside. There are shows that have gone on to run and run, seemingly forever, and then there are cult shows which brings in thousands of the most unlikely fans to every performance. Little Shop of Horrors belongs firmly in the cult section of this list. The show is based on the Roger Corman B-movie of the same name from 1960 and one of the theatre's most perennially popular shows. But why?

In part, it must be said that the show parodies a little bit of everything: the movies, the Faustian legend, and rock and roll. All provide kindling to get this production burning. Another of its endearing aspects is the total innocence of the main characters, who are completely taken in by the strange plant that just happens to turn up. Children especially love it because of two things: first the puppetry which brings the various incarnations of the plant to life, and secondly that the plant turns out to be so absolutely horrible, just like a Roald Dahl villain - and kids adore it!

Our production was directed by Mark 'Floyd' Hughes, a member who is now doing very well in productions in the West End and around the world. At the time how ever he was an enthusiastic student and this showed in this romp of a show in which there were no shrinking violets. Stand out performances included Adam Parsons as the forlorn Seymour and Cath Harris as the loveable but slightly dim Audrey. Adam Pitt tried to steal the show as the awful dentist Orin but he was up against the wonderful close harmony singing of Ronette, Chiffon and Crystal: Lorna Welch, Rhiannon Rose and Ceri Hearn. And then there was Audrey II, the flesh eating plant Borrowed from another society it looked fantastic but it took some doing to bring it to life and we have to thank Michael O'Leary for that; coupled with Floyd's wonderful voice the combined effect was brilliant. A small chorus made this the perfect end of summer show. Due to the technical nature of this show (we even had a box set!) we did not tour but stayed in Penarth's Paget Rooms. It was a great show, which was lots of fun and so good that we will might one day revive it.



Our Little Shop Audrey II


This show has to be one of the very best "off-Broadway" shows ever and has proved successful in the UK in the West End (not just because Cameron Mackintosh produced it!). The music is fantastic and has perhaps two of the best musical theatre numbers ever - "Suddenly Seymour" and "Somewhere That's Green".