Books & Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Music by Alan Menken

Based upon the film by Roger Corman

Seymour Adam Parsons
Audrey Catherine Harris
Mushnik Chris Chedzey
Orin Scrivello Adam Pitt
Ronette Lorna Jones
Chiffon Ceri Hearn
Crystal Rhiannon Rose
Audrey II Mark Hughes/Michael O'Leary
Mrs Luce Fiona Thomas
Shopping Woman Janet Holloway
Prostitutes Rhonwen Buckland, Caroline Thurlow & Leigh Tomala
Winos Tony Hill, Lyndon Thomas
Bernstein Mike Gaccon
Skip Snip John Tomala
Nurse Alison Slocombe



In the musical version of Roger Corman's B-movie classic, poor Seymour Krelborn is a downtrodden geek who never has things go his way. He works in Mr Mushnik's run-down flower shop in the seedy part of town, thanklessly doing menial tasks and secretly dreaming of buxom, shrill-voiced shop assistant Audrey . His other passion, collecting strange plants, leads him to bring home a small flytrap which he discovers following a solar eclipse and names Audrey II. While nurturing Audrey II Seymour discovers some of the plant's unique features: it is in fact a 'Mean Green Mother From Outer Space' that talks, sings and survives on a diet of human blood! Needing a regular source of Audrey II's favourite food, Seymour embarks on a plan to kill Audrey's boyfriend, the sadistic, motorbike-riding, nitrous-oxide addict dentist Orin Scrivello which would also leave the way clear for Seymour and Audrey's love to bloom. But will this be enough to satisfy the plant's lust for blood, or must Seymour take more drastic measures?