Concept players present Little Me

Book by Neil Simon

Music by Cy Coleman

Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh

We returned to this show ten years after our first foray because it is so much fun for the audience and cast alike. Under a different director and a different choreographer the look and feel took some of the elements of our past production, such as the cast being mainly in the same black costume throughout, but added on a whole new glamorous look.

To say this production had sparkle is an understatement. There were sparkles everywhere. Rather than go for a straight storytelling of this larger than life, rag to riches, tale we added in the sparkle to the set and costumes which became a wonderful, bright canvas for the piece.

Ellie and Rhiannon played Older and Younger Belle respectively. Ellie was coy with just a glint of mischievousness. Rhiannon, the innocent who just wants wealth, culture and social position to capture the man of her dreams Noble Eggleston. Noble was played by Paul who, like Rhiannon, was reprising the role he played 10 years ago. However, this time he took on several more parts as this production followed the convention that all of Belle's beaus are played by the same actor (you could think of it that each romance is because she falls in love with someone who reminds her of Noble!) The only part Paul did not play was Val du Val, the great French entertainer, who was wonderfully played in a perfectly over the top performance by Chris. Our newcomer, Shane played the suave George who sung and danced with Rhiannon beautifully. The rest of the cast was made up of wonderful cameos all too numerous to mention by name but highlights included hyped-up rich kids, poor downtrodden slum-dwellers, lovesick soldiers, barmy nurses, excitable ships crew, calm ship's band and many, many more.

The Rich Kids' Rag

The fun of the show was enhanced by some brilliant choreography from Adam who kept the whole cast on its toes. No respite was given and many laughs were had in the rehearsal period. Ruairidh's direction was ably helped by the team of Helen, Kevin, Kate, Bev and Laura ensuring all technical elements were well covered. There were over 500 pieces of costume; each principal had their signature colour. Paul and Fiona with the wardrobe team made a lot of the costumes and they all looked amazing. We had a spectacular set which sparkled and had some lovely designed flats that were brought on in key scenes. The back picture frames changed colour each time a key character was on stage adding to the narrative.

All in all, the whole show was a tour de force of talent (onstage and off-stage) and laughs (backstage and in the auditorium)! 


Paul as miserly Mr Pinchley

Paul as miserly Mr Pinchley

Paul as the innocent Fred Poitrine

Paul as the innocent Fred Poitrine

Paul as teh unfortunate Prince Cherney

Paul as the unfortunate Prince Cherney

Paul as the artistic Otto Schnitzler

Paul as the artistic Otto Schnitzler

But Belle also had Val du Val

Though George was not meant to be