Concept players present Little Me

Book by Neil Simon

Music by Cy Coleman

Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh

Casino Patron/Peasant Passenger/Mayor/Peasant
Older Belle Ellie Hoare
Younger Belle/Baby Rhiannon Rose
Noble Eggleston/Mr Pinchley/Fred Poitrine/Soldier/Otto Schnitzler/ Prince Cherney/Noble Junior Paul Buckle
MC/Soldier’s Girl/Nurse/Passenger/Casino Patron/Peasant Cat Bailie
Boom Boom Girl/Soldier’s Girl/Nurse/Band Member/Mimi/Peasant Jennifer Brock
Bernie Buxgrave/Sergeant/Dimples Dancer/Soldier Andrew Corbett
Mr Pinchley’s Nurse/Boom Boom Girl/Soldier’s Girl/Nurse/Passenger /Matilda Claire Corbett
Junior/Soldier/General/Passenger/Yulnick Neil Davies
Bentley the Butler/Soldier/Captain/Bradley Steve Davies
Soldier/Band Member/Peasant/Butler Chris Dimbleby
George Musgrove/Dimples Dancer/Soldier/ German/Sailor/Sam Shane Goodsir
Court Clerk/Soldier’s Girl/Passenger/ Casino Patron/Peasant Beverley Harper
Mrs Egglestone/Soldier’s Girl/Nurse/Band Member/Peasant Judy Harrhy
Cecil/Benny Buxgrave/Dimples Dancer/Soldier James Osborne
Witness/Boom Boom Girl/Soldier’s Girl/Passenger/Secretary/Natasha Jess Player
Mr Kleeg/Val du Val/Dimples Dancer/Chaplain/Soldier/Casino Patron/Pharaoh/Peasant Chris Powell
Daphne/Nurse/Passenger/Doctor Aileen Rahilly
Mum/Nurse/Passenger/Peasant Helen Rose
Soldier’s Girl/Nurse/Band Member/Bodyguard Kate Smith
Posh Girl/Boom Boom Girl/Soldier’s Girl/Passenger/Peasant Kate Sunderland
Boom Boom Girl/Soldier’s Girl/Nurse/Passenger/ Fiona Thomas
Miss Kepplewhite/ Soldier’s Girl/Nurse/Passenger/Assistant Director/Peasant Hayley Toms
Posh Girl/Boom Boom Girl/Soldier’s Girl/ Ingrid Watson
Tumbler/Boom Boom Girl/Peaches La Rue/Soldier’s Girl/Passenger/Peasant Amanda Watts
Newsboy/Collette/Soldier’s Girl/Nurse/Band Member/Peasant Eleri Windsor


Belle meets Noble for the first time 

The story follows Belle Poitrine’s ascent from the wrong side of the railway tracks to the luxury of Long Island. She travels the world, seeking wealth, culture and social position in order to capture the love of her life, Noble Eggleston, who is from the right side of the tracks.

Belle aims for the Other Side Of The Tracks

Rich Kids Rag

The Company