The Damning of Henry Morgan

By Nigel Holloway


Saved from the Inquisition, thrown into slavery to write the only eyewitness account of pirate battles in the Caribbean, can this ruthlessly manipulated French surgeon survive a world of mayhem and torture to be reunited with his first love?

Will his unique tale, cynically twisted and distorted, discredit his friend, Henry Morgan, infamous Admiral of the Brethren of the Coast? Or will another soul be damned?

But what was a young student of medicine from Nantes doing in brutal, lawless Tortuga? What forced him give up six years of study to become an indentured slave? Was it religious persecution? Or forbidden love? How did he come to join Henry Morgan, a Welsh soldier in the service of England? Why did he write his book about the exploits of these pirates? And why did the English translation of his book cause Henry Morgan to sue the publishers for defamation of character?

From the court of the Inquisition to the cesspits of Tortuga and Port Royal, from the jungles of Panama to the royal courts of London and Madrid, with its mixture of exotic adventure and high politics, this is a tale of love, truth, deception and ultimate betrayal. The young surgeon, his forbidden love, the inquisitor, or the pirate - who will pay the price for damning Henry Morgan?

We recorded this under the watchful directorial eye of the author Nigel late in 2009. Nigel is a prolific published author and we are proud to have been in many of his productions including the audio plays Ripping Off Angels, Skin, Prima Donna, Scartato and Big Idea. His very first stage production for us was the fabulous new take on an old classic, Christmas Carol and we have also performed Big Idea and, most recently Thesps. More details on this play can be found at the author's website here.

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Henry Morgan Admiral and Privateer


Admiral Sir Henry Morgan (Harri Morgan in Welsh), (ca. 1635 – 25 August 1688) was a Welsh Admiral and privateer, who made a name for activities in the Caribbean. He was one of the most notorious and successful privateers of all time, one of the most ruthless who worked in the Spanish Main.