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Pseudolus with Philia and HeroThis was our first venture in to the challenging world of musical theatre that is Stephen Sondheim. This was Stephen Sondheim's first show where he had written the lyrics and the music having had previous artistic success with West Side Story and Gypsy. The first run we did of this was staged in the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran and was produced in just over a month.

Forum saw a number of very funny characterisations. Led by the resourceful and definitive Pseudolus, Nigel Holloway. Pseudolus must be one of the most demanding roles in musical theatre; it needs breakneck pace and fantastic comic timing. Thankfully both are second nature to our Nigel who stole the show. A domineering Domina was played by Janet Holloway and the somewhat senile but oversexed Senex by Mike Gaccon. John Tomala and Lizzie Jardine made up the lovestruck young couple, Hero and Philia, whilst the nervy Hysterium was played by Kevin Morgan. All in all, a really strong cast



The stage all set for a farce!


This production was played at the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran.