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Music & Lyrics By Stephen Sondheim

Book by Burt Shevelove & Larry Gelbart

Originally Produced on Broadway by Harold Prince


Pseudolus Nigel Holloway
Senex Mike Gaccon
Domina Janet Holloway
Hero John Tomala
Hysterium Kevin Morgan
Philia Lizzy Jardine
Marcus Lycus Bernard Gardner
Erronius Neil Davies
Miles Gloriousus Colin Jardine
Proteans & Soldiers Gary Mullins, David Wakeford & Robert Dymott
Female Slaves Angie Dymott, Clare Jones, Kindre Morgan & Leigh Tomala
Eunuch Gary Mullins
Tintinabula Suzanne Moreno
Panacea ?
Gemini 1 Paula Jones
Gemini 2 Cath Jones
Vibrata Caroline Robinson
Gymnasia Cath Pepper


Marcus Lycus and Pseudolus


Pseudolus, a slave, is promised his freedom by his master's son Hero, if he acquires the courtesan Philia whom Hero is in love with. Unfortunately, Philia has already been sold to a Captain, Miles Gloriosus, who will collect her later that day. Pseudolus tells Philia's owner, Lycus, that she has the plague and offers to look after her until Miles comes. Miles arrives and demands his bride and threatens to kill Pseudolus if he cannot produce her. But Pseudolus pretends that Philia has died of the plague and persuades his fellow slave Hysterium to act as her body. During Philia's funeral Miles discovers that the body is not dead. After a chase scene and many mistaken identities, it is uncovered that Miles and Philia are brother and sister, so they cannot marry. Hero can therefore have his love, and Pseudolus his freedom.