Concept Players' Social Life


Our 20th Anniversary CakeConcept prides itself in being more than just a dramatics society; we are a bunch of people who love to socialise as well. Primarily that means going to the pub after rehearsals where we catch up on the week and discuss just about anything.

We also have various social events which have been quite varied over the years and have included our 10th, 15th and 20th Anniversary Parties, various house parties, house-warmings, barbeques, birthday parties, murder mystery evenings and after show parties - basically we like to party!

And then, of course, there was our foray with Bargain Hunt! Yes we had four of our members appear with David Dickenson some years ago - they sang and cavorted about Cardiff, something they will never live down.Bargain Hunt

So if you think you could let your hair down with us, see our About pages for more details on what's involved and how you can join in the fun!






Jan & Steve enjoying themselves


Given the opportunity, we will dress up for any occasion! In this case our first murder mystery party.