Concept Players' Social Life


We have had several great nights, including murder mysteries and anniversary parties.

10th Anniversary

Our 10th Anniversary Party at the Park Hotel, Cardiff on 20th November 2004. The pictures don't do the night justice and unfortunately there are none of the naked man at reception!

Summer BBQ 2005

A wonderful time was had sorting through our props and scenery one day in the summer of 2005 followed by a big BBQ in the evening, however, the weather was a bit chilly.

New Year 2005

A fab night with far too much drink and one or two streakers (not from our company thank goodness!)


Murder Mystery 2006

In April 2006 we held a murder mystery night in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief. The scene was set - it was 1899 and a murder was about to take place in Coddingham Hall. Just after the guests all assembled in the Hall, the police turned up to arrest the odious George Sweet who tried to evade capture but during the struggle he died of unexplained causes. Someone at the Hall was the murderer!

Murder Mystery 2006 Take 2

In December 2006 we held our second murder mystery night of the year to raise funds. This time the murder had already taken place and people gathered for the auction of the Von Munchen Relics. Hosted by Jan and Nigel, the 1920 theme started off well with one or two cocktails being fashionably drunk. The rest of the evening went with a suitable swing!

New Year 2006 Another year, another party, this time at Roger and Fi's - thanks guys it was a great night!

We had another birthday party when we celebrated 15 years in 2009

Our most recent party was to celebrate being 20. Held at the Park Hotel in Cardiff, we had a absolute blast!

Then there have been the weddings, too many too mention but we will try to put up some photos soon!




Dressing up - we love it