By Alan Ayckbourn

Performed in the summer of 1997 at the YMCA Theatre in Cardiff, this was a milestone for the group in as much as it was our first venture into putting on a play, rather than a musical. It was also the first time the company was directed by Dianne Storey, who later directed us for Stepping Out, A Christmas Carol and Bedroom Farce

The play centres on Guy Jones; shy, recently widowed, and settling in a new town.  In a bid to have some form of social life, Guy joins the local light opera company, headed up by the manic Welshman, Dafydd ap Llewellyn. Through a series of incidents mostly connected with adultery - Guy goes from being a one-line part to the starring role.

Nigel had the unenviable task of playing Dafydd, which involved learning about 50% of the lines at least! But as always, he carried it off to perfection. Other memorable performances included Mike Gaccon as the bumbling Guy, as he went reluctantly from incident to incident, while always seeming to come out on top. Also, Lorna Welch (or Jones as she was then) raised more than a couple of eyebrows as the sultry Fay Hubbard especially when she walked onstage in a rubber dress, for the swapping party scene!



Unfortunately we cannot find any phots of this play so if you do have any that we may use (we can scan and return them) please do get in touch.