By Alan Ayckbourn
Guy Jones Mike Gaccon
Dafydd ap Llewellyn Nigel Holloway
Hannah Llewellyn Janet Holloway
Jarvis Huntley-Pike Rob Dymott
Rebecca Huntley-Pike Angie Dymott
Ian Hubbard Karl Lampka
Fay Hubbard Lorna Jones
Bridget Baines Paula Reynhart
Ted Washbrook John Tomala
Enid Washbrook Leigh Tomala
Linda Washbrook Clare Jones
Crispin Usher Kevin Welch



Following the death of his wife, Guy Jones joins Pendon Light Amateur Dramatic Society (PALOS) and is cast in a slight role in The Beggars Opera. Things soon change as he find himself rapidly ascending the amateur theatrical ranks. The problem is Guy is unable to say no to anyone and consequently a number of people assume he has promised some service or other ranging from leaking industrial secrets to offers of love. He has, of course, done none of these things and as he assumes the title role of Macheath on the first night, he is surrounded and shunned by people who believe he has played them or duped them. The action of the main plot skilfully interweaves and mirrors John Gays The Beggars Opera.