Concept Players present A Little Night Music

Music & Lyrics By Stephen Sondheim
Book By Hugh Wheeler
Frederik Egerman  Paul Buckle
Anne Egerman  Sarah Chew
Henrik Egerman James Rockey
Petra Hayley Toms
Madam Armfeldt Janet Holloway
Desiree Armfeldt Ellie Hoare
Frederika Armfeldt Tia Peachey
Frid James Osbourne
Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm Simon Riordan
Countess Charlotte Malcolm Lorna Welch
Mrs Anderssen Cat Baillie
Mrs Nordstrom Claire Couldridge
Mrs Segstrom Linda Cleak
Mr Lindquist Nigel Holloway
Mr Erlanson Mark Windsor


The second act, after dinner


Set in Sweden during the first few years of the 20th Century this story revolves around a lawyer, Fredrick Egerman, and the loves in his life. His marriage to the beautiful Anne is still unconsummated and so onto the scene comes his old flame Desiree Arnfeldt, the glamorous actress. When Desiree invites Frederick and his family to her mother's country estate, all their Edwardian manners are tested to the full in this witty, funny and often poignant tale of love and desire.

The Egerman household