Book by Julian Fellowes

Music and Lyrics by George Styles and Anthony Drewe

Based on the book by Kenneth Grahame

Toad Matthew Lee
Mole Daniel Parker
Ratty Joshua Neal
Badger Nick Pratt
Chief Weasel James Osborne
Mrs Otter Helen Mussell
Portia Kate Chadwick
Mrs Hedgehog Rhiannon Rose-Goodsir
Mr Hedgehog Richard Thomas
Hedgehog Boy Gabriel Jenkins
Hedgehog Girl Ruby Purnell
Lesser Weasel/Car Driver Shane Rose-Goodsir
Sheryl Stoat Ingrid Watson
Gaolers Daughter Zoë Philpott
Magistrate Kevin Morgan
Horse Helen Rose
Guard Chris Dimbleby
Rabbit Butler James Perons
The Swallows Rhiannon Rose-Goodsir, Zoë Philpott, Kate Sunderland
The Field Mice Chris Dimbleby, James Perons, Kate Sunderland, Emma Pead, Kate Smith, Richard Thomas,  Kevin Morgan, Rhiannon Rose-Goodsir, Harriet Maxwell, Ruby Purnell, Gabriel Jenkins  
Foxes, Weasels & Stoats Rhiannon Rose-Goodsir, Richard Thomas, Kate Sunderland, Zoë Philpott, Helen Mussell, Helen Rose, Iona D'Souza, Kate Chadwick  
Rabbits & Hares Shane Rose-Goodsir, Zoë Philpott, Helen Rose, Iona D'Souza, James Osbourne, Nick Pratt, Kevin Morgan  
Swimming Otters Ingrid Watson, Chris Dimbleby, Richard Thomas, Emma Pead, Iona D'Souza, Zoë Philpott  
Squirrel Family & Mechanics Chris Dimbleby, Ingrid Watson, Harriet Maxwell, Iona D'Souza, Shane Rose-Goodsir  
Rabbit Footmen Kate Chadwick, Kate Smith, Emma Pead, Kevin Morgan, Chris Dimbleby, Ingrid Watson,  Richard Thomas





"The Wind in the Willows” is a delightful musical based on the 1908 novel by Kenneth Grahame. The story follows the adventures of four animal friends: Mole, Rat, Badger, and the reckless Mr. Toad. Mole explores the world beyond his burrow, Rat enjoys boating along the river, Badger provides guidance, and Mr. Toad’s motorcar obsession leads to misadventures. Friendship plays a crucial role as they reclaim Toad Hall from the Weasels .