By Richard Harris

Mavis Angie Dymott
Mrs Fraser Leigh Tomala
Andy Lizzie Jardine
Vera Janet Holloway
Dorothy Cheryl Payne
Lynne Emma Jane Goodwin
Maxine Caroline Thurlow
Sylvia Lorna Welch
Rose Pat Marsh
Geoffrey Ruairidh MacLeod-Lyon
Handymen John Payne & Roger Thomas
Contact Lens Girl Lizzie Tomala & Cath Harris



This is a comedy about ten women and one man trying to conquer their inhibitions and an overabundance of left feet in a somewhat dreary dance studio which has seen better days. An ex professional chorine, Mavis, tries her hardest to teach the bumbling amateurs some dancing skills for an upcoming recital. Sometimes it is hard for Mavis to get her pupils to stop quarrelling long enough to dance. Her students are truly a hilarious, motley but loveable crew who finally triumph at their recital.