Concept players present Rumours

Book by Neil Simon

Chris Cat Bailie
Ken Paul Buckle
Claire Jess Player
Len Ruairidh MacLeod-Lyon
Cookie Ellie Hoare
Earnest Laurence Clarke
Cassie Emma Sands
Glenn Steve Hopkins
WPC Conklin Aileen Rahilly
WPC Casey Carys Hughes



It’s the 1980s and we are in prime stockbroker belt country outside London at the home of Charles and Vivian. A gun has been fired at the home of a prominent British civil servant just as his friends gather to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary. Chaos ensues when well meaning friends try to come up with suitable explanation as the other guests arrive!

4 sets of couples and of course the unseen Charles and Vivienne, but Dr Dudley is constantly on the phone so might as well have been on stage.