By Dale Wasserman

Music by Mitch Leigh

Lyrics by Joe Darion

ProgrammeWe toured this production in the Spring of 2002 and it is one of our favourites. Voted best musical in its day, it is a heart rendering tale of hope against the realities of life. We did this one pretty straight, with very simple staging, just back rostra borrowed from each theatre we played. The big thing about this play is how powerful it is. Each person has at least two characters to play and nobody leaves the stage once they are on it. It was for this reason it suited our company as everyone was capable of being in character throughout, not one slip of the mask.

Rhiannon Rose as AldonzaThe music is fantastic, atmospheric, charged, anthemic and at times comedic. The most famous song of course is To Dream the Impossible Dream, and every night during the reprise as Don Quixote is dying, there were genuine tears on stage as well as in the audience! Our Dulcinea was played by Rhiannon Rose who made this role her own, blowing us away at auditions and making the character not only gritty and proud but vulnerable and sexy at the same time. The tour de force was of course Cervantes himself, Neil Davies, who was perfect for the role (even if he did have a mishap with a fake moustache one night) and was ably supported by his faithful sidekick Sancho, played with brilliant comic timing by Paul Buckle.

Cameos abound from all in the cast. Angie's dancing, the horses (brilliantly made by Lyndon), the Barber, the nastiness of Dr Carrasco and of course not forgetting the guitar playing of Roger and the brooding Kevin as Pedro. Our Directors got the best out of us and for Nigel it was the fulfilment of a long time wish having first seen a professional production of this as a student in the 1960s. Thanks to his and Janet's perseverance we all finally "got" the concept and put on what is definitely a high point in Concept's artistic history.



The wenches


This was one of those rare shows in which everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed the experience as it was challenging, interesting and fun; it would not be until Fiddler of the Roof, that we would return to the format of being on stage all the time.


Neil Davies as Don Quixote


"A towering, well-sung performance by Neil Davies presented a Don Quixote of many facets and emotions"