Concept Players present Little Me

Book by Neil Simon

Music by Cy Coleman

Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh


Belle Hogsfather Rhiannon Rose
Nobel Eggleston/Fred Poitrine Paul Buckle
Older Belle Janet Holloway
Belle's Mother/Virgin Cheryl Payne
George Musgrove/Soldier/Beer Maker Wayne Hughes
Cecil/German Officer/Sergeant/Sailor Roger Thomas
Daphne/Boom Boom Girl/Nurse/Virgin Ellie Hoare
Nobel's friend/Collette/Nurse/Swimmer/Virgin Ciara Charnley
Nobel's friend/Bodyguard/Virgin Clare Couldridge
Lady Eggleston/Nurse/Swimmer Lisa Sadie
Pinchley's Nurse/Boogie Woogie Girl/Maid/Nurse/Virgin Lorna Welch
Miss Hepplewhite/Nurse/Virgin Catherine Carey
Mr Pinchley/Soldier/Beer Maker Tony Hill
Judge/Croupier/Virgin/Returning Officer Angie Dymott
Witness/Sweetheart/Nurse/Angel Leigh Tomala
Bennie Buxgrave/Junior/Soldier/Beer Maker James Osborne
Bernie Buxgrave/Soldier/Prince Cherney Nigel Holloway
Police Guard/Sailor/Soldier John Tomala
Police Guard/MC/Soldier/Captain/Shnitzie/Marvin the Doctor Ruairidh MacLeod-Lyon
Peaches Davies/Boogie Woogie Girl/Nurse/Virgin Clare Davies
Val du Val/Soldier/Beer Maker Richard Thomas
Boom Boom Girl/Woman in Yellow/Bodyguard/Virgin Fiona Thomas
Waitress/Swimmer/Bodyguard/Virgin Rachael Jones
Boogie Woogie Girl/Yulnick Bev Pearce





This outrageously funny musical is the autobiography of the optimistic, yet spectacularly accident-prone, Hollywood star Belle Poitrine (nee Hogsfather).  A ‘Real Live Girl’ who rises out of poverty, to wealth, culture and social position, which will let her marry Noble Eggleston – the richest kid in town.

On her journey to ‘The Other Side of the Tracks’ Belle embarks on an extravagant and varied career. In each adventure, a new admiring male accompanies her, and each startling resolution moves her one step closer to her goal.