By W.S Gilbert & A. Sullivan

Iolanthe Lorna Welch
The Lord Chancellor Paul Buckle
Lord Mountararat Nigel Holloway
Lord Tolloller Sion Owens
Private Willis Steve Davies
Strephon Ralph Thomas
Queen of the Fairies Janet Holloway
Phyllis Jo Herco
Celia Ellie Hoare
Lelia Clare Gardiner
Waspy Fiona Thomas
Bernard Helen Windsor
Fairy LQuid Clare Davies
Brittany Fairy Beverly Pearce
Fairy Nuff Rachael Jones
Marie Fairy Lisa Sadie
Juinia Fairy Liz Howson
Normandy Fairy Sarah Leigh
Sweet Pea Emily Barrett
Airey Fairy Jenny Edwards
Lord Num Laurence Clarke
Lord Elpus Rick Thomas
Lord Nosimere Roger Thomas
Lord Ingit Rob Parnell
Lord Preservus Nick Pratt
Lord Knosididntdoit Ruairidh MacLeod-Lyon



Act I opens with the fairies dancing and singing. But since Iolanthe was banished by the Fairy Queen for marrying a mortal 25 years previously its not been much fun. They appeal to the Fairy Queen, who having a great fondness for Iolanthe herself, welcomes her back with forgiveness. Iolanthe announces that she has a son Strephon, an actor, who is half a fairy and in love with Phyllis, Diary Secretary and a Ward in Chancery. Strephon appears and declares that he will marry Phyllis today even without the Lord Chancellors consent.

Phyllis then arrives, followed soon after by the Lord Chancellor and his peerage chums. Chaos ensures with the Fairy Queen and her charges wreaking havock on the haughty Lords. In true G&S style, the whole mess is brought to a satisfactory conclusion by the end of Act 2.