By W.S Gilbert & A. Sullivan


Concept Player's 2001 production of Iolanthe ProgrammeThis was a fabulous production in which we toured around South Wales, stopping in Abergavenny, Caerphilly, Dinas Powys and Blackwood. We turned it from a traditional story of sweet little fairies and fusty Lords to one of rather scary fairies and rather decadent Lords! In came Phyllis a Personal Assistant and Strephon a writer of pop songs.

We had lots of fun with this, the battle of lords and fairies at the end of Act I, complete with bubble guns and flying contraptions, was a sight to be seen and special mention must be made of the two trainee fairies, Airie Fairy Apprentice and Fairy LQuid, Lorna and Ceri who nearly stole the show with their antics but no one would mess with our Queen of the Fairies - see the photos for proof. We had some trouble with the bubble machine shorting out the electrics at some of our venues, but as witnessed by NODA, this just meant a cappella singing for while and praying we kept in tune - which we did!


The cast 

"A break in the power to the keyboards was but a minor hesitation. the company continued unaccompanied for several numbers and in perfect tune. Singing throughout was of a high standard.  The audience was enthusiastic in their reception but did I, as a bit of a traditionalist enjoy the show? You bet I did"