By J. Strauss

Rosalinda Eisenstein Janet Holloway
Gabriel Eisenstein Nigel Holloway
Adele Rhiannon Rose
Dr Falke Neil Davies
Alfred Stephen Payne
Frank Steve Davies
Prince Orlofsky Angie Dymott
Ida Ellie Hoare
Dr Blint Paul Buckle
MacFrosch Ruairidh MacLeod-Lyon
Ivan Tony Hill
The Wall Flower Clare Davies
The Management John Tomala, Roger Thomas, Wayne Hughes
The Chaperone Cheryl Payne
Falke’s ‘Personal Assistant’ Beverly Pearce
The Show Girls Catherine Blythe, Lisa Sadie, Helen Rose, Fiona Thomas



Dr Falke is planning revenge on his friend Eisenstein for a joke, which left Falke sleeping in the open air, dressed as a bat. Eisenstein, the famous film producer, who is on his way to prison for attacking the paparazzi, decides to accept Falke’s invitation to Prince Orlofsky’s party. Meanwhile his wife, the fading film star Rosalinda is entertaining the street singer, Alfred, at their beach front villa, and their ‘maid’ Adele has wangled the night off to ‘visit a sick aunt’. Frank, the prison governor, comes to take Eisenstein to prison, and arrests Alfred in Eisenstein’s place.

At Prince Orlofsky’s party, Eisenstein flirts with Adele, who is disguised as Miss Olga, and then with this own wife Rosalinda, who is disguised as a Hungarian countess. Later at the prison, Frank arrives drunk from the party, followed by Eisenstein, who cannot understand why Alfred is occupying the cell. Rosalinda, confronted with evidence of her duplicity, has evidence of Eisenstein’s. Falke claims his revenge over Eisenstein. Everyone blames the champagne for the evening’s events.