By Nigel Holloway
Jack Howard Turnbull Howard Turnbull
Anne Lisa Sadie Lisa Sadie
Aggie Janet Holloway Janet Holloway
Sharon Lorna Welch Anna Crossman
Barney Paul Buckle Paul Buckle
Richard Kevin Welch Kevin Welch
Robert Ruairidh MacLeod-Lyon Robert
Doris Cheryl Payne Cheryl Payne
Alistair Steve Davies Steve Davies
Jonathan Tim Brown Mark Fowler
Christine Fiona Thomas Fiona Thomas



Big Idea is the second play in a series that follows the fortunes of the Off-the-Wall theatre company; this the story of how the group's director, Jonathan, is asked to write a play, which the BBC will broadcast as part of their Big Idea series. Big Idea encourages people to fulfil their life's ambition, and Jonathan sees it as his great opportunity to show that he does really have talent (despite what the other members say about him!), and he sets off to write his magnum opus. The Off-the-Wall theatre company are certainly not Jonathan's choice to perform the work of art which will show him for the true genius he really is. But he's stuck with them! The course of true love never runs smooth, and neither do Jonathan's attempts to get his play to the stage. Unexpected obstacles arise to constantly thwart his ambitions, until, despite everything, the group finally manage to present the show - as a live radio broadcast - or so they think! Sit back and enjoy.