By Nigel Holloway


Here are a few clips of this play. In order to view these clips, you will need to have a broadband internet connection. Because the clips have to be compressed for download, the quality of the sound and video is not as good as we would have liked. If the clip doesn't seem to work for you, make sure that your player - Quicktime is recommended - can play .mov files).

Clip 1: For a quick flick through the show..,

Clip 2: Video clip of the first rehearsal using Caroline's synthesiser

Clip 3: The murder!

Clip 4: The suicidal chorus

Clip 5: The manic synthesiser ('My Gallant Crew, Good Morning')

Clip 6: How to kill Caroline?

Clip 7: The wemarkably fine cwew

Clip 8: The third cardboard sailor

Clip 9: Finally, the finale (not all of it!)



Nigel Holloway is a founding member of the Concept Players and has had several of his plays and musicals published and performed. We are very proud that we often get the first opportunity to sample his works!