Concept Players present Shout!

Created By Phillip George & David Lowenstein

"Mod Musings" & "Groovy Gab" by Peter Charles Morris & Phillip George


Red Cat Bailie
Blue Jennifer Brock
Yellow Fern O'Brien
Green Rhiannon Rose
Orange Hayley Toms
Gwendolyn Holmes Denise Sunderland
The Office Girl Kate Smith
Mondrian Girls Rachel Allen, Lisa Grace, Ellie Hoare, Jess Player
Voice of the Magazine Judy Harrhy






With its irresistible blend of hip-swivelling hits, eye-popping fashions and outrageous dance moves, SHOUT! The Mod Musical takes audiences back to the music, style and freedom of the 1960s. SHOUT! features terrific new arrangements of such classic tunes as "To Sir with Love", "Downtown", "Son of a Preacher Man" and "Goldfinger". This musical follows five groovy gals as they come of age during the decade. SHOUT! chronicles the dawning liberation of women, from the rise of Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark and Cilla Black as independent women with major careers, redefining themselves in the face of changing attitudes. With a shimmy and shake, the songs are tied together by a hilarious script.