By W.S. Gilbert & A. Sullivan


Guiseppe Palmieri Paul Buckle
Marco Palmieri Tim Brown
Tessa Lorna Jones
Gianetta Ellie Hoare
The Duke of Plaza-Toro Nigel Holloway
The Duchess of Plaza-Toro Janet Holloway
Casilda Clare Gardner
Luiz Rick Thomas
Don Alhambra Kevin Morgan
Captain Nick Pratt
Francesco Mike Gaccon
Giorgio John Tomala
Fiametta Rhiannon Rose
Vittoria Lisa Sadie
Inez Beverly Pearce
Giulia/Mol Don Fiona Thomas
Little Don Luke Welch
Reverend Roger Thomas
Ship's Maid Laura Thompson
Steward Dave Walker
Brad Laurence Clarke
Janet Liz Howson
Their daughter Charlie Jones
Prudence Llinos Davies
Albert Ruairidh MacLeod-Lyon
Cassandra Julia Dyke
Grace Sarah-Jane Waters
Pregnant Tourist Jo Herco



Set in a sun-drenched Venice of the 1950s (and aboard the luxurious surroundings of an ocean liner!), the story follows two fun-loving and flirtatious Gondoliers, who are lucky enough to have their pick of the ladies in their quest for love. Now true love never runs smooth of course, and our two heroes find themselves embarking on quite an adventure. Mistaken identity, an impoverished Duke, his beautiful daughter and babies swapped at birth contribute to the Gondoliers confusion as they make their way through this laugh a minute musical tale.