By W.S. Gilbert & A. Sullivan


The Duke of Plaza-Toro Nigel Holloway
Luiz Paul Reynhart
Don Alhambra Del Bolero David Wakeford
Marco Palmieri Chris Chedzey
Guiseppe Palmieri Steven Payne
Antonio Kevin Morgan
Francesco Mike Gaccon
Giorgio John Tomala
The Duchess of Plaza-Toro Angie Dymott
Casilda Caroline Thurlow
Gianetta Sara Viney
Tessa Lorna Jones
Fiametta Clare Davies
Vittoria Liz Jardine
Inez Janet Holloway
Mol Don Fiona Thomas
Little Don Tim Fisher
Chorus of Contadine Clare Davies, Debbie Fisher, Catherine Harris,
Liz Jardine, Cheryl Payne, Bev Pearce, Becky Ryan,
Fiona Thomas, Leigh Tomala
Chorus of Gondoliers Tim Fisher, Mike Gaccon, Mark (Floyd) Hughes,
Kevin Morgan, Rob Parnell, John Tomala



The story concerns the young bride of the heir to the throne of Barataria who arrives to join her husband. It turns out, however, that he cannot be identified, since he was entrusted to the care of a drunken gondolier who mixed up the prince with his own son. To complicate matters, the King of Barataria has just been killed. The two young gondoliers must now jointly rule the kingdom until the nurse of the prince can be brought in to determine which of them is the rightful king. Moreover, when the young queen arrives to claim her husband, she finds that the two gondoliers have both recently gotten married. A last complicating factor is that she, herself, is in love with another man. Confusion and hilarity ensue but all ends well as you would expect.